Bass Off Rules & Regulations

Bass Off Rules & Regulations:

You will receive two runs with your initial registration. One for Sealed and One for Outlaw. Mic position will be on the window for Sealed and passenger kick panel for OutLaw.

Before your first run a visual inspection will be made to clarify your wattage class. Classes based on sub amplifier/'s total manufactured rated power at 1 Ohm. This may take a few minutes so we will try to clarify as many as we can when escorted or on the plaza for parking at Demo Alley or at competition booth before first run.

To park on Demo Alley you must be Pre Registered before the day of the event. Those pre registered wanting to park in Demo Alley must arrive no later than 11:00 am the day of the event. Please! Demos must be kept at a minimum of Two at a time. Please!

When You Demo spend five or so min and on to the next two.

You can also be registered for the car show and still park be parked in Demo Alley. (Registrations of course are separate for the car show and bass off.) If a contestant must leave early from Demo Alley than they can be escorted off the plaza. Once you leave the plaza you will not be able to come back on the plaza to Demo Alley. When it's your time to meter you will be escorted to the meter booth then back to your previous parking spot on Demo Alley. All others will be escorted via ramp to the competition booth then leave via ramp when metering done. The plaza will be cleared off of all Bass Off contestants at 5:00 pm unless you're registered for the car show.

Extra runs after the initial two received for registration completed will be $5 at time of the that run. Your choice Sealed OR OutLaw.($10 if you want to do both.) They can count if higher than previous score if so desired.

You will have 30 seconds from the start to produce a score. When the 30 seconds is up it's considered a completed run regardless of outcome.

You must provide your own music or tone to play. It will not be provided by the competition booth.  No start overs unless competition booth must reset.

This is a non-sanctioned event and is solely for fun, achieving awards, and most of all raising donations for hurricane relief

We are here to have fun and enjoy all aspects of the Xtreme enthusiast.

This is a major push to donate relief to our fellow Americans devastated by the hard times of Mother Nature with the hurricanes that have struck our shores. So Please be kind and courteous to your fellow human. Respect your Fellow competitor, Please Please be cautious with your Language Choice in Music. We understand the clean versions suck but remember this is a fun family event and it it can only get bigger and better in the years to come with a kind and fun environment.

Pre registration is $35 on web site and $40 day of event. Your registration covers your two runs. One OutLaw and one Sealed. It also provides your pass throughout the days events inside and out. Do to the major push for the Salvation Army donation to hurricane relief all passengers or guests must pay the spectator entry fee to be present on the plaza.

Thank you for Participation. Wizard


$1,000 Total Cash Prize!
$50 For each 1st place winners!
$250 For 1st place Loudest of the Day
$150 For 2nd place Loudest of the Day
$100 For 3rd place Loudest of the Day


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